Working At Ipsos

Our most valuable assets are the people who work for us. We have over 9,000 full-time employees and want all our staff to be highly trained, well motivated and professional people, who take pride in their work

Each employee is an ambassador for Ipsos. Each and every employee is responsible for ensuring the quality standards Ipsos promises to its clients. The reputation of each Ipsos company depends not only on its own performance, but also on that of sister companies within the Group.

Characteristics of Successful Ipsos Employees

The types of behaviors which are frequently displayed by people who are successful at Ipsos are:

  • Client-focused – they are service-minded, with a strong service mentality, and a "do what it takes" attitude.
  • Passionate about Research – they think about how it will solve business problems, how to apply learnings from data, and are knowledgeable about Ipsos tools.
  • Team Players – they are collaborative, find wins for Ipsos and help colleagues.
  • Accountable – they are focused on business objectives, exceed expectations, and are driven to succeed.
  • Flexible – they are not too process-driven, are open minded and adaptable to change.
  • Entrepreneurial – they are willing to take risks, are creative and innovative.

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