Our History

Ipsos was founded in Paris in 1975 by Didier Truchot, an economist. Jean-Marc Lech, who was a philosopher and sociologist, joined as Co-President in 1982.

Their goals were to change the game, making survey-based research one of the primary means to understand contemporary society; and to make Ipsos a strategic partner for those who wished to better understand the world and play an active part in it.

Ipsos had established itself as a successful and innovative company in France by the end of the 1980's, with a recognized brand in public opinion and media research, advertising research and an omnibus survey.

In 1989, the time was right to launch onto the international scene to enable their global clients to compare data across countries.

The push to develop further afield began, with companies and investments in the USA, Latin America and the Middle East. In late 1997, Ipsos acquired ASI, one of the USA's leading advertising research companies; while in Latin America, the Novaction companies were integrated within the Ipsos network
In 1999, Ipsos started doing business in the Asia-Pacific region.

International expansion accelerated and, between 2000 and 2008, the Group acquired 44 companies and opened 16 new offices.

While the company sadly announced the death of Jean-Marc Lech in 2014, his vision and values continue to inspire the board, the management team and all Ipsos employees on a daily basis.

Currently Ipsos has offices in 87 countries and operates in over 100.

    1975: Ipsos is founded by Didier Truchot in Paris, France.

    1982: Jean-Marc Lech joins Ipsos and becomes Co-President alongside Didier Truchot.

    1990: First acquisitions outside France; Ipsos becomes a European research company.

    1997: Ipsos expands to North America and Latin America.

    1999: IPO on the Paris Stock Exchange.

    2011: Ipsos is present in 67 countries.

    2011: October Ipsos acquires Synovate.

    2013: Ipsos is present in 85 countries

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