Career Development

These are exciting times, filled with opportunity for all Ipsos employees. Your career path here will be limited only by the choices you make.

At Ipsos, the future is yours to build.

Employee Recognition

The APPLAUSE! Program was created and designed to empower our employees with the opportunity to recognize their peers for their achievements and commitment to Ipsos Values – across business units, project teams and countries, all nominations and recommendations are highly encouraged.


Our employees have access to a variety of exceptional e-learning courses and interactive webinars, to supplement their on-the-job and in-person training courses. Courses are designed and administered by top researchers and specialists in the industry and span topics including everything from an introduction to research, advanced statistical analysis, account management, negotiation techniques and more.

Internal Opportunities

At Ipsos we are committed to finding and developing the right people. We strive to provide our employees with opportunities within the organization that will allow them to expand upon their skills and experiences, and develop new competencies in order to become our future business leaders.

Employees are encouraged to constantly grow within their position to maximize their potential by actively setting and working toward corporate and professional goals. Whenever possible we promote from within, and support opportunities for internal transfers across specializations and business units within North America, or to Ipsos offices across the globe. By encouraging internal mobility, our employees are able to build a strong foundation of knowledge while gaining the fundamentals to grow their career.

Equal Opportunity Policy

We aim to provide a healthy and ethical work environment for all our employees. We are committed to a policy of equal treatment of all employees and applicants.

Health & Safety Policy

We are committed to providing and maintaining working environments that are safe, including arrangements for the welfare of employees while at work.

Environmental Policy

At Ipsos we Think Green!

Ipsos is committed to progressive improvements in our environmental performance and welcomes suggestions from staff on ways of protecting the environment and its resources. We share information regarding best practices on 'green' initiatives and look for cooperation in the introduction of energy-saving measures.
In 2013 Ipsos was awarded the prestigious Carbon Disclosure Project’s award for the best improvement of disclosure scores among French companies, an honor which demonstrates our commitment to bettering the environment.

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